"I have used a number of protrusive bite registration techniques and devices over the years including the George Gauge and Moses Bite Shims. However, none have worked as well as the Airway Metrics Mandibular Positioning System. Since incorporating the Snore Screener and Mandibular Positioning Simulators into my dental sleep medicine practice, I have noticed enhanced appliance effectiveness with significantly fewer adjustments. I now recommend the Airway Metrics system in all my courses."

Stephen Tracey, D.D.S., M.S.

"Before I employed the Airway Metrics System for my bite registrations, I found it very difficult to successfully titrate my mandibular advancement appliances. When I adopted the Airway Metrics and added a vertical component to my appliances, I found that I did not need to advance my patients as aggressively. My success rate went up and my stress level went down. Thank you, Dr. Horchover for this fantastic technique."

Ken Berley, DDS, JD, DABDSM

"I am very happy with the little keys you put between the patient's teeth or their existing night appliances to change their vertical. We use those all the time if we need to change vertical dimensions. We can do it intraorally by adding acrylic to the platforms of our different devices such as Herbst, SomnoDent, limited use to the new MicrO2 device and other various devices. The snore tester is a fabulous tool that everyone should have"


"I have used a number of sleep bite registration techniques, over the last twenty years. None have worked as well as the Airway Metrics Positioning Jigs. By incorporating a vertical and horizontal component, in my postured bites, I have experienced a more positive response with oral appliance therapy. Not only do I see enhanced appliance effectiveness, but now I also need significantly fewer adjustments. I recommend this system to all my students, around the world. "

Derek Mahony, Specialist Orthodontist, Australia


"The Airway Metric system of determining airway opening and TMJ comfort is the best system now available. It allows for comfort along with the most effective protrusion to begin the titration of the oral appliance to treat OSA."

R. Sam Callender, DDS, MS, MSD, DABDSM

"Airway Metrics is my preferred method of obtaining the bite registration for an oral appliance used to treat the PAP intolerant OSA patient. By incorporating a vertical and horizontal component I have experienced a more positive response with oral appliance therapy. It also provides the patient with a positive subjective response of how well the oral appliance will treat their OSA. I highly recommend Airway Metrics to anyone providing oral appliance therapy for the PAP intolerant OSA patient."

John H. Tucker, DMD, DICOI, DABDSM

"I love the Airway Metrics System. The patient can assess their own snore sound and evaluate their own comfort level providing me with an excellent starting point bite position for their sleep apnea appliance. If compliance is my key focus for sleep apnea treatment, then patient feedback is essential. Thank you for allowing me to benefit from your years of clinical success, Dr. Horchover."

Dr. T. H.

"Dear Bob and Robin, I appreciate very much the nice email.
With the new oral appliances design including more VDO, etc, your system should be a 'must' to have in every dental sleep clinic.
I am definitely looking forward to spend more time together in the future."

Leopoldo Correa BDS, MS DABDSM